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Madison Street Capital Receives Nomination For Two Prestigious M&A Awards

Madison Street Capital, one of the most well-known boutique international investment banking firms is nominated for the prestigious 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. According to the official statement by the company, Madison Street Capital received nomination in two categories. It was recognized as the leading boutique investment firm and also for the international and industrial deal of the year under $100 Million.

The M&A Advisor was founded in 1998 offering insight into the world of M&A activities and dealmaking. Since its establishment, it is regarded as the preeminent source of information in the financial industry. It provides useful information regarding dealmaking, restructuring and financing. Today, M&A Advisor is also considered the premier source of information to access premier global network of M&A, turnaround and finance professionals. Overall, the vast information facilitates connections between the industry’s top performers and potential clients looking for world-class services.

Similarly, Madison Street Capital is already well-known as the leading boutique firm. Actually, the second nomination regarding M&A deal of the year is attributed to the acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A. by Dowco. The deal was overseen by Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha.

When the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, was asked about the deal, he insisted that it is great honor to be named among the finalist of boutique firm of the year. He attributed the success of his firm to highly professional dealmakers and associates who work tirelessly across different regions around the world to satisfy customers. It is also interesting to note that Madison Street Capital specializes in dealing with clients in emerging and developing markets.

Similarly, Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha, who was instrumental in the successful deal between Acuna & Associates S.A. and Dowco was also upbeat about the nomination. He also suggested that the nomination is a result of dedication of the project members because the entire process was complicated requiring lots of moving parts.

This is not the first time that Madison Street Capital is in the news. Since its foundation, the firm has gained respect from industry veterans and international experts. In fact, Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of high-profile clients to deliver corporate financial advisory services, financial options, and M&A expertise. Unlike its competitors, the firm looks for prime opportunities in emerging markets where chances of success are greater. Therefore, the company has established offices in several prime locations around the world. From these locations, employees and partners of the firm find suitable opportunities to pursue.

The Winner of the awards will be announced on 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala on Wed., Nov. 9 at the New York Athletic Club. Irrespective of the winner, the nomination of the firm in two prestigious and highly competitive categories is already an important milestone.

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