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The Fashion Company Fabletics Is Now Paired With The FTBC

Since Kate Hudson decided to help create a fashion company that sells only athletic wear, she’s become more popular than ever and not just for her movies. She is now using her popularity and company to help the FTBC foundation to raise the money needed for breast cancer treatment and awareness on YouTube. The FTBC is seeking a cure for breast cancer, and this is a UK-based foundation that was created by fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Since the foundation gets a new ambassador ever so often, Kate Hudson has been chosen to be their current ambassador as of October 2016, and she is taking the job very seriously.

Kate’s first order of business was to create a three-piece set of clothing for their MarieClaire athletic wear brand to help the FTBC foundation. The color of the clothing is pink, and the clothing is still something that the purchaser can wear any time of the year, not just to support breast cancer awareness. The Capri pants along with the tank top and sports bra will be sold together, and the pink color will alert those who see the outfit that it is meant to be for breast cancer awareness, even though it’s for the FTBC foundation and not for the very popular breast cancer foundations known in the USA.

The Fabletics company is a great choice as a partner for the FTBC because of the fact that it’s become so incredibly popular lately. When Fabletics was started three years ago, they were mostly associated with JustFab but have since gained their own standing and are now known as Fabletics, and many may not even remember that they’re under the Just Fab company. Currently, Fabletics has received over a million different members, which is only the starting point because they hope to have up to 100 stores open in physical locations within the next five years and more customers. Those that shop online can always shop in the stores, and membership can be purchased both online as well as in a Fabletics store.

Fabletics membership is very reasonable in price and only costs $49.95 per month. Some worry if they will have to pay for the membership fee for months when they don’t want to shop. Fabletics allows every member the opportunity to opt out of shopping for the month by putting their membership on hold early in the month by opting out by at least the fifth of the month. Those who opt out of shopping for the month will not be charged any fees and can restart the membership whenever they are ready. Those who choose to pay a monthly fee can spend the equivalent of that fee in the store to purchase clothing.

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