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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Protection Program.

The SEC Whistleblower program began as one of the solutions in a bid to recover the United States economy following the damages of the Great Depression. It was a creation under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act. The Congress enacted the Act in 2010 among other resolutions for the same mission. The SEC whistleblower program provides protection to employees who report violations at the workplace. The whistleblower receives protection against retaliation in the employment and financial coverage from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Under the rules set by the SEC, the whistleblower who delivers valid information is entitled to receive 10-30 percent of the total amount collected from the successful follow-up of a case with sanctions that are more than $1 million. When the monetary penalties exceed the 1 million mark, the whistleblower is qualified to receive an extra amount as a fraction of the total amount collected through additional reports of the case from other organizations such as legal enforcement unions and regulatory organizations. The other protection guaranteed by the Dodd-Frank Act restricts employees from terminating a whistleblower’s job or implementing other means of retaliation. In the case of retaliation, the employee is allowed to report back to the SEC for further execution of the laws set under the Dodd-Frank Act.

The first law firm to begin practicing the advocacy of SEC whistleblowers, was the Labaton Sucharow firm. The company headed by Jordan A. Thomas protects specializes in protecting the whistleblower with the expertise of highly skilled professionals. The staff that follows up a case brought forth by a whistleblower includes financial data analysts, forensic accountants, and top rank investigators. The professionals have a long history of working for both the federal government law enforcement unions, hence provide consistent effort to solve the cases against financial law violators.

Jordan A. Thomas was a former employee of Division of Enforcement at the SEC. His role at the Division was leading the team that created, legalized and implemented the Whistleblower program. He was also the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director of the same SEC unit.

The SEC’s customer care is available through telephone, electronic faxes or the mail at all times to provide focused accessibility to the firm. As assurance of maximum protection of a whistleblower’s identity, the individual is not required to submit their names or the identities of the alleged violators.

In the case of a language barrier problem when reporting a case, the SEC provides whistleblowers with translation services.

Want to grow your natural hair? Stop using suds!

Many African American women have trouble growing their hair long. Quite often, women give up and resort to hair extensions using clip in, sew in, or even worse, glue-in type weave. Ethnic hair appears to be very strong, but it is often quite fragile and breaks easily. The common myth is that most ethnic hair cannot stand up to daily washings. In truth, ethnic hair cannot endure harsh shampoos which contain surfactants that produces the foam we have all come to expect when we wash our hair. Some women who understand the damage sudsing agents can do, resort to “co-washing” their hair with conditioner, which only causes build up and more breakage!

The solution… WEN Hair by Chaz! WEN is a cleansing conditioner that takes the place of shampoo and conditioner. It is formulated with natural ingredients including chamomile, wild cherry bark, and rosemary to soothe and condition the hair. Additionally, it contains Panthenol, a provitamin of B5 which builds healthier, stronger hair. Glycerin is added to provide moisture and shine.

Even better, WEN leaves hair smooth, requiring a lot less heat when styling. WEN is available in a variety of delightful scents so it is easy to find the perfect blend for your hair type. Give WEN a try. Your hair will thank you! Check out the products on QVC and Guthy-Renker.

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Madison Street Capital Receives Nomination For Two Prestigious M&A Awards

Madison Street Capital, one of the most well-known boutique international investment banking firms is nominated for the prestigious 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. According to the official statement by the company, Madison Street Capital received nomination in two categories. It was recognized as the leading boutique investment firm and also for the international and industrial deal of the year under $100 Million.

The M&A Advisor was founded in 1998 offering insight into the world of M&A activities and dealmaking. Since its establishment, it is regarded as the preeminent source of information in the financial industry. It provides useful information regarding dealmaking, restructuring and financing. Today, M&A Advisor is also considered the premier source of information to access premier global network of M&A, turnaround and finance professionals. Overall, the vast information facilitates connections between the industry’s top performers and potential clients looking for world-class services.

Similarly, Madison Street Capital is already well-known as the leading boutique firm. Actually, the second nomination regarding M&A deal of the year is attributed to the acquisition of Acuna & Associates S.A. by Dowco. The deal was overseen by Madison Street Capital Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha.

When the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, was asked about the deal, he insisted that it is great honor to be named among the finalist of boutique firm of the year. He attributed the success of his firm to highly professional dealmakers and associates who work tirelessly across different regions around the world to satisfy customers. It is also interesting to note that Madison Street Capital specializes in dealing with clients in emerging and developing markets.

Similarly, Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha, who was instrumental in the successful deal between Acuna & Associates S.A. and Dowco was also upbeat about the nomination. He also suggested that the nomination is a result of dedication of the project members because the entire process was complicated requiring lots of moving parts.

This is not the first time that Madison Street Capital is in the news. Since its foundation, the firm has gained respect from industry veterans and international experts. In fact, Madison Street Capital has helped hundreds of high-profile clients to deliver corporate financial advisory services, financial options, and M&A expertise. Unlike its competitors, the firm looks for prime opportunities in emerging markets where chances of success are greater. Therefore, the company has established offices in several prime locations around the world. From these locations, employees and partners of the firm find suitable opportunities to pursue.

The Winner of the awards will be announced on 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala on Wed., Nov. 9 at the New York Athletic Club. Irrespective of the winner, the nomination of the firm in two prestigious and highly competitive categories is already an important milestone.

Their Twitter: @MadStCap

TOWN Residential – Real Estate Firm Opens Outpost in Meatpacking District and TriBeCa

One of the top NYC real estate agencies, TOWN Residential, has opened up a new office in the meatpacking district. The company is opening an office in the area in order to be closer to allow brokers to meet with their clients. The new space encompasses the upper third floor of a 3-story building which includes access to a private roof deck. The private roof deck creates the perfect outdoor space for brokers to entertain their real estate clients whom are looking to purchase new luxury properties in New York. This space differentiates the firm from others – most real estate firms don’t have any kind of outdoor space which they can use in order to entertain their clients. Another brokerage will also have a presence there, which is Thomas & Ingram as the effort will be a shared one where the two firms will join forces.


Town Real Estate has all of it’s properties listed on their website. Additionally, they frequently feature the properties which have gotten media traction on their Facebook Page. Properties are often featured on Local New York news programs which feature tours of the properties which they have for sale to the public. These properties are able to captivate the attention of crowds and attract plenty of great buyers whom might be interested in securing deals on some of the best properties in the business.


Town Residential also is known for providing some of the best customer service in their industry. The company has established for itself a standard of excellence which is unrivalled and unparalleled. Their formula is a winning one which combines talent with some of the best properties around. The company is also a foremost luxury real estate company which means that they only offer the best properties to the best people.


They have managed to achieve their goals through customer service, being focused, and having top leadership/customer service. This works for ensuring that their customers are able to provide their expertise in the NYC real estate market. Thus, this company has a solid brand as a direct result of their customer service and relationship building skills. The company is also well-managed to ensure that all of their customers, whether purchasing/leasing an apartment, have all of their needs met.



Students Learn from Solvy

Solvy was created with the idea that students needed more attention in math than what they were getting in the classroom. It is a platform that was designed with students in mind and Alexei Beltyukov makes sure that students are able to get what they need out of the site. Because of this, students have been able to increase their math grades and have been able to learn things that they may not have without the help of the site.

Since Solvy was created with students in mind, Alexei Beltyukov knew that they were able to do different things. It is important to Alexei Beltyukov that students be able to get the solutions that they need to be able to pass their math classes. Students can get exactly what they need out of the math classes that they take by always making sure that they do the best job possible. This has allowed them the chance to learn more about math.

Alexei Beltyukov didn’t want students to just get the answers to math problems. He wanted them to be able to learn as much as possible about their math classes. He wanted students to learn about math because it is important for them to be able to use the skills that they learn as they grow up. This has made them more successful and has given them the chance to do better with the way that they do things in their math classes. They have been able to use Solvy to make sure that they are doing the most for the classes they are in.

Business is Alexei Beltyukov’s game. He is not an educator and doesn’t plan to ever be one. Alexei Beltyukov recognized that the math business was a huge one and one that many people were profiting from by doing the wrong things. He wanted to change that, though, so that students were able to get what they wanted out of the process while also learning. His site does not just give students the answers to problems, but instead forces them to think about the problem and the steps to get to the answers.

The Fashion Company Fabletics Is Now Paired With The FTBC

Since Kate Hudson decided to help create a fashion company that sells only athletic wear, she’s become more popular than ever and not just for her movies. She is now using her popularity and company to help the FTBC foundation to raise the money needed for breast cancer treatment and awareness on YouTube. The FTBC is seeking a cure for breast cancer, and this is a UK-based foundation that was created by fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Since the foundation gets a new ambassador ever so often, Kate Hudson has been chosen to be their current ambassador as of October 2016, and she is taking the job very seriously.

Kate’s first order of business was to create a three-piece set of clothing for their MarieClaire athletic wear brand to help the FTBC foundation. The color of the clothing is pink, and the clothing is still something that the purchaser can wear any time of the year, not just to support breast cancer awareness. The Capri pants along with the tank top and sports bra will be sold together, and the pink color will alert those who see the outfit that it is meant to be for breast cancer awareness, even though it’s for the FTBC foundation and not for the very popular breast cancer foundations known in the USA.

The Fabletics company is a great choice as a partner for the FTBC because of the fact that it’s become so incredibly popular lately. When Fabletics was started three years ago, they were mostly associated with JustFab but have since gained their own standing and are now known as Fabletics, and many may not even remember that they’re under the Just Fab company. Currently, Fabletics has received over a million different members, which is only the starting point because they hope to have up to 100 stores open in physical locations within the next five years and more customers. Those that shop online can always shop in the stores, and membership can be purchased both online as well as in a Fabletics store.

Fabletics membership is very reasonable in price and only costs $49.95 per month. Some worry if they will have to pay for the membership fee for months when they don’t want to shop. Fabletics allows every member the opportunity to opt out of shopping for the month by putting their membership on hold early in the month by opting out by at least the fifth of the month. Those who opt out of shopping for the month will not be charged any fees and can restart the membership whenever they are ready. Those who choose to pay a monthly fee can spend the equivalent of that fee in the store to purchase clothing.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/kate-hudson-makes-her-new-fabletics-spot-feel-youre-scrolling-through-her-instagram-feed-172709

New Handy App Helps You Get Things Done including Ikea Furniture

The New Handy app is a innovative way to get things done around the home. It’s like a combination of Uber and a maid service, but it’s a maid service on demand. The company also has home maintenance contractors on hand in case you will be needing any kind of home maintenance services as well. Overall, many people praise the service because contractors are fully background checked and verified.

Another area in which handy is promising to distinguish itself is in that of the furniture delivery business. The company knows that in many cases, furniture from Ikea is hard to have delivered to a home. The company has launched a furniture delivery service in the NYC area which is aimed at reducing the amount of time which is spend in the process of having furniture sent and assembled. The company is determined to connect their customers with the furniture they need. This is so that their customers will have access to the best level of service possible. Handy has it’s own e-commerce platform so that they are able to sell Ikea furniture directly to the consumer and add in it’s own delivery/assembly charges. The idea behind the company is to create a funnel for other services which are sold directly through the company as well.

According to nyctechmommy.com, the company has raised $12 Million in venture capital from two different firms. They have also received a solid growth in sales as a result of their efforts to expand rapidly and enter new territory. The company was also looking to rapidly expand their customer base by acquiring services such as Homejoy. These acquisitions mean a lot of positive momentum for Handy and their ability to pick up customers. What is also of benefit to the company is the amount of capital that is coming in.