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George Soros Is Financially Leading The Democratic Party

George Soros, despite his thoughts of cutting back on giving money towards financial purposes, has donated way over 30 million dollars to the democratic committee. Some of this money is also used to show the true colors of the republican party.

George Soros began giving money to the democratic party some 10 years ago. He stopped for a while because George W. Bush Jr. beat the democratic nominee that year. This made George realize that it is not money that wins the election. From then on, he has been keeping his eyes on all of their ways.

George Soros decided to give money again when he was informed that he is longtime friend Hilary Clinton was running for president. It has been found out that George gave the Hilary camp over 19 million dollars. In fact, George was scheduled to come to Philadelphia to see Hilary accept the nomination for President of the United States. George changed his plans after he was informed that Europe is having a day of havoc within the financial market.

George Soros has many investments within the financial market of Europe, so he decided to keep his eyes on Europe’s funds instead of on Hilary Clinton. Sources have stated that, despite not being there, George is still going to watch all of the news coverage concerning the democratic national convention.

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George Soros also made it clear that he is not donating money just because of Hilary. Yes, she is definitely a friend. However, George wants the left-wing party to know that he supports the democrats as a whole.

If someone other than Hilary Clinton was running for president, George said he would be supporting them. He believes this is the election where democratic supports need to rise up. Many democratic states are predicting to go republican this time around. George wants to do everything in his power to stop this. George Soros is also not fond of the republican nominee for president of the United States, either. Though, he would not be fond with any republican nominee.

It has not been determined yet if George is going to donate any more money to Hilary Clinton. However, many sources have stated that they know for sure George is done with his giving for this election on Investopedia. George Soros wants to start focusing on donating money to programs that help children further their education. George is expected to give approximately 400+ million dollars to charities worldwide.