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Online Reputation Manager Has To Fix Its Own Problem

Status Labs, an online firm that specializes in managing and fixing reputations of businesses and individuals, found itself in a situation where it had to repair its own image. This proved to be an interesting and learning experience, as the firm applied its own work, and in the process developed a greater appreciation of its own services. It came to learn first hand what it services mean to real people.

An executive of Status Labs took controversial actions that resulted in bad press. Even though the actions were not part of the executive’s job, Status Labs was tarnished by his actions. The company’s reputation suffered, thus requiring Status Labs to take affirmative action.

Status Labs had to change its behavior in order to change its reputation. It asked for the executive’s resignation, and then took that resignation to the press along with a statement from the company’s employees and a team photo, putting a face on Status Labs.

The next step was community involvement, which meant employees got involved with local charities. This enabled the community to realize that Status Labs is full of good people. Since employees make a company function and prosper, Status Labs needed to show its workers how important there are. A stock plan was initiated, company outings planned, and a catered lunch was provided every Friday. All this was done with the idea of employee retention as the company did not want to lose anyone over the problems with the executive.

Status Labs is based upon the premise that in the online world, businesses and individuals live and die with internet search results. Status Labs provides services that manage online reputation, and enhance the internet reputation. They also provide support to respond in a crisis, and are available to monitor social media.

Status Labs is the modern version of a public relations firm. Status Labs has worked with over 1,000 businesses and individuals, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. That experience now includes salvaging its own reputation.