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Securus Technologies Demands Integrity in the Industry by Leading as an Example

Securus Technologies is a criminal and civil just technology solutions provider. The company is dedicated to providing solutions for inmates’ communication, monitoring, and investigation sectors. One fundamental factor that has informed Securus success is the fact that they have embraced integrity in every area of operations as unwavering expectation.


According to Crunchbase review and Better Business Bureau rating that was released recently, Securus solutions are highly ranked as A+. However, while a company such as Securus is dedicated to serving the correctional facility industry, I get offended when some related companies stoop below integrity bar. It worth to appreciate companies that goes beyond making money and that serve its customer with the best interest at heart. Moreover, we should shame carriers that are not acting in the right way into acting with higher integrity.


As described on PR Newswire, Global Tel Link (GTL), a company that provide inmate communications services, is one of such companies that demonstrate a lack of integrity in daily business dealings. It has been found out GTL engage in unlawful and unauthorized practices that include charging higher rates than approved, secretly adding time to inmate calls, and double charging inmates calls.


Following findings of GTL practices, I strongly support Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of secures, endeavors to share with the public the GTL long history of unsavory practices. In effect, I do expect this public shaming will affect GTL profoundly and make them change their practices and policies. I appreciate Securus Technologies for demanding integrity in the industry and then leading by example.

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Securus Technologies has emerged as global leader in providing revolutionary technologies to its huge clientele base that include more 3,450 correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. The company is also responsible for monitoring more than 1.2 millions inmates across the United States. Securus has demonstrated its commitment to sound business activities, which has led to accreditation by Better Business Bureau.