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A Young Man From Madison Street Capital Has Done It

Member of the Madison Street Capital community are all shouting with joy that a young man from the firm has won a prestigious award. This award comes from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. Every year this group recognizes 40 people with the age limit stopping at 40. These individuals have had to have done something special within their community or within the industry. This national organization only recognizes the industries of medical and business regarding how they choose their applicants.

Anthony Marsala was the individual that was chosen by this organization. The individuals of this firm were very surprised that Anthony Marsala was so calm after he received the news. He is always humble and never thinks of himself higher than anyone else. His colleagues believe it was his personality that helped him get chosen by this national organization.

In addition to his personality, Anthony Marsala has made some amazing differences in the business world. He has done this by studying the market from various perspectives. In doing so, he was able to help countless companies come from bad financial places. Business owners that have worked with Marsala all say he is amazing. They all do not regret choosing his services.

Madison Street Capital is a firm that offers financial services to companies all around the world. They indeed have clients all around the world. They sit with these clients and explain to them their best options for investments in the near and late future. If a company does not succeed with their investment, Madison Street Capital will refund them every penny they paid on Madison Street Capital services.

In addition to giving advice on investments, this firm also gives management advice, too. They will let a business owner know how to improve all of the managers within the company. Anthony Marsala and the firm will study every single manager and employee within the company. They will then let the owner know what individuals are hurting the company. This helps the company stay productive and save lots of money in the process.

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Online Reputation Manager Has To Fix Its Own Problem

Status Labs, an online firm that specializes in managing and fixing reputations of businesses and individuals, found itself in a situation where it had to repair its own image. This proved to be an interesting and learning experience, as the firm applied its own work, and in the process developed a greater appreciation of its own services. It came to learn first hand what it services mean to real people.

An executive of Status Labs took controversial actions that resulted in bad press. Even though the actions were not part of the executive’s job, Status Labs was tarnished by his actions. The company’s reputation suffered, thus requiring Status Labs to take affirmative action.

Status Labs had to change its behavior in order to change its reputation. It asked for the executive’s resignation, and then took that resignation to the press along with a statement from the company’s employees and a team photo, putting a face on Status Labs.

The next step was community involvement, which meant employees got involved with local charities. This enabled the community to realize that Status Labs is full of good people. Since employees make a company function and prosper, Status Labs needed to show its workers how important there are. A stock plan was initiated, company outings planned, and a catered lunch was provided every Friday. All this was done with the idea of employee retention as the company did not want to lose anyone over the problems with the executive.

Status Labs is based upon the premise that in the online world, businesses and individuals live and die with internet search results. Status Labs provides services that manage online reputation, and enhance the internet reputation. They also provide support to respond in a crisis, and are available to monitor social media.

Status Labs is the modern version of a public relations firm. Status Labs has worked with over 1,000 businesses and individuals, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. That experience now includes salvaging its own reputation.

Securus Technologies Demands Integrity in the Industry by Leading as an Example

Securus Technologies is a criminal and civil just technology solutions provider. The company is dedicated to providing solutions for inmates’ communication, monitoring, and investigation sectors. One fundamental factor that has informed Securus success is the fact that they have embraced integrity in every area of operations as unwavering expectation.


According to Crunchbase review and Better Business Bureau rating that was released recently, Securus solutions are highly ranked as A+. However, while a company such as Securus is dedicated to serving the correctional facility industry, I get offended when some related companies stoop below integrity bar. It worth to appreciate companies that goes beyond making money and that serve its customer with the best interest at heart. Moreover, we should shame carriers that are not acting in the right way into acting with higher integrity.


As described on PR Newswire, Global Tel Link (GTL), a company that provide inmate communications services, is one of such companies that demonstrate a lack of integrity in daily business dealings. It has been found out GTL engage in unlawful and unauthorized practices that include charging higher rates than approved, secretly adding time to inmate calls, and double charging inmates calls.


Following findings of GTL practices, I strongly support Richard Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of secures, endeavors to share with the public the GTL long history of unsavory practices. In effect, I do expect this public shaming will affect GTL profoundly and make them change their practices and policies. I appreciate Securus Technologies for demanding integrity in the industry and then leading by example.

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Securus Technologies has emerged as global leader in providing revolutionary technologies to its huge clientele base that include more 3,450 correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. The company is also responsible for monitoring more than 1.2 millions inmates across the United States. Securus has demonstrated its commitment to sound business activities, which has led to accreditation by Better Business Bureau.

An SEC Whistleblower Attorney Can Offer Highly Effective Legal Counsel

People today rely on the federal government to make sure that all business transactions they choose to conduct are done so effectively and in accordance with all existing laws. Many business owners today may be tempted to take shortcuts and cut corners. While most business owners realize the necessity of adhering to all important regulations, a small group of business people are not always so ethical. In that case, they may engage in activities that can lead to waste and may even possibly endanger the public they are in charge of serving. Fortunately, there are ethical people who are willing to step forward when they notice such poor behavior and speak out to help provide notification to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

Getting Legal Counsel

When the decision is made to speak out, it is important that anyone doing so has the right counsel at their side. The right legal counsel allows the person choosing to provide evidence the confidence to know they are fully protected legally in making that choice. It is this need that has led to the firm of Labaton Sucharow to start a program devoted to assisting those who are engaged in such activities. At this firm, they know that the need for legal counsel is immediate once anyone chooses to step out and indicate problems in a given industry. This is why they started a specific program that is specially designed to help offer counsel for those who need it. This unique program is one the first legal program in the country devoted to this issue.

Federal Protections

Their decision to offer such legal counsel comes in the aftermath of specific laws that have been passed in Congress. The banking industry underwent much needed scrutiny after a series of problems plagued the industry. It was with the desire to address such problems that legislation that was passed that was all about offering incentives for people to step forward. Rules in place today state that anyone who reveals any such problems is eligible for a share of any funds that will be forfeit to the federal government as a result of such poor behavior. The whistleblower may be able to claim a large fund that is designed to compensate them fully. When working with a SEC Whistleblower lawyer, it can help the person speaking out to have all of the funds they have earned from such brave activities.

Kate Hudson Makes Athleisure Wear Appealing To Everyone

In a recent article in Marie Claire, Kate Hudson talks about her at leisure line and Athleta dresses which are designed to be comfortable and can be worn out at night. As she states, this is a lazy girl’s dream. Released April 1st of this year the line of athletes wear dresses has been a great success with those women that are ready Are big fans of a solution where. In addition to athleisure wear dresses, she also has a new line of swimsuits that debuted in April as well. This new Honda best athleisure dresses put them into going out in uncomfortable dresses. She thought that it made perfect sense to add athleisure dresses to the company’s Facebook clothing line because they had already Incorporated other styles of clothing successfully. This is a style that appeals to the woman that is on the go but yet wants to remain comfortable and classy when going out on the town. Fortunately, another feature that makes this ideal for the lazy girl is that bras are already built into some of the dresses. Another great point about these dresses is that the materials used suck you in so that you don’t even need to wear Spanx with them. This is a technique that high fashion houses use when they create their dresses, but these are at a more affordable price point. Fabletics swimsuits are also made of the same high-quality material and are meant to stay in place so that people can be very active wearing them and also feel sexy at the same time.

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Fabletics is a branch of parent company JustFab. Fabletics works just like Just Fab in that it is an online clothing subscription service. Fabletics however, is focused on athleisure wear which is clothing designed for an active lifestyle. The materials used are comfortable and durable. Upon signing up for the service, the customer is given a series of questions to answer about their fashion taste. These answers are used to build a boutique or sets of clothes put together by professional stylists that are tailored to suit the customer.

Fabletics has a monthly subscription fee to take part in the service. If the customer chooses to skip a month, they can log on and select the option to skip without being charged. Fabletics is committed to offering appealing and quality active wear to people of all ages. The have a wide variety of clothing and swimsuits to fit just about any style. The enormous success of the company has made Fabletics a house hold name.
 See: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/

Wealth Solutions: Insurance and Other Considerations When Renting on AIRBNB

The immediate cash flow provided by renting your home on AIRBNB seems enticing, however, many home providers forget the additional insurance that needs to be considered when renting out their home. Items to consider prior to joining AIRBNB to help ensure that your profits are not hindered by unforeseen damages include:

1. Risks: loss in rent due to fraudulent guests, injuries that occur on your property, property loss or damages, illegal activities, damages to neighbor’s properties, theft, or even lawsuits.
2. Insurance: many homeowner’s policies do not cover short-term renters, leaving you liable for any damages.
3. Protection: the insurance AIRBNB advertises is a secondary form, meaning you must exhaust all other resources prior to its coverage.


Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions, Inc. is a great resource to discuss your options and offer advice customized to your situation. He can help minimize your risks to maximize your potential profits through AIRBNB.

Founded in 1994, Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, TX. Blair founded Wealth Solutions with the goal of providing objective advice and customized investment, retirement, and wealth preservation strategies.

Wealth Solutions currently has over $55 million assets under management. These assets have been grown through Blair’s expertise in securities, estate and tax planning, integrated financial planning, asset protection, insurance, and employee benefits.

Blair received his bachelors degree in Financial Management Services from the University of Houston in 1993. Immediately upon graduation, Blair founded Wealth Solutions, Inc. Blair has achieved numerous certifications within the financial industry including:
Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS)
Certified Estate and Trust Specialist (CES)
Certified Fund Specialist (CFS)
Certified Income Specialist (CIS)
Certified Tax Specialist (CTS)
Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

A word from Wealth Solutions, Inc:
The key objectives of the financial planning process are to manage and maintain wealth while reaching personal financial goals. This process depends on intensive research and financial data analysis prior to creating a professional investment portfolio. You need to be knowledgeable about your current finances to be able to set your future portfolio goals.

Our financial professionals work diligently to develop a diversification strategy that will exceed your financial goals. We offer a proven wealth management strategy based upon a comprehensive analysis of your portfolio and the current financial industry. We use the most up to date technology and financial insights to ensure each client’s success.

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