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Ken Goodrich: Rebuilding Goettl Air Conditioning

I assume most everyone these days is a football fan. If so, then you know all about the quarterback. They are the leader, the general of the field, and the one that is in charge of things. When it comes to Ken Goodrich, he is the man in charge of Goettl Air Conditioning. Nothing gets past him and nothing gets signed off without his approval. He has overseen the staff and makes sure he hires the best people possible for the job. He wants people that have good customer service skills and experience in the field. That way, they get the job done right the first time.

He to remake the company and its image, which isn’t something that is always easy to do these days. Sometimes when a company is viewed a certain way from past owners and past employees, it can be hard to erase that feeling customers had. However, thanks to his employees and his wise rebranding, people are looking at the company in a whole new light. They see it as a company that is reliable, trust-worthy, honest, and most of all, really, really good at what they do. They take it incredibly seriously and don’t rest until the customer is happy. Check out this article on PR Newswire to see how Goodrich has brought new values to life.

Ken Goodrich has never been one to take credit for the accomplishments, however. He wants to give credit to his hard-working staff that is willing to put in the time and effort to get to know their customers. They have a personal touch. Ken Goodrich knows there are many companies out there to choose from when it comes to air conditioning. Because of the competition, it is important to stay ahead of the curve and give the customers what they want and really work with them, hand-in-hand. You need to listen to their concerns and get to the root of the problem. By doing this, you ensure they feel like they are listened to, respected, and cared for as more than just customers. They are family.

There is a reason Ken Goodrich has had the success that he has had. He knows all the right moves and knows how to get the best results out of his employees, himself, his company, and everything else in between. It is all top-notch and grade A. He knows this is what is needed to not only stay in business, but to turn a profit for years to come.

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