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White Shark Media, Always Working on Improving

Holding offices in the United States, Central America and Denmark, White Shark Media specializes in AdWords and Bing Ads Management services. Helping businesses both small and large to get the word out in the world, ÔHey we are here! Their main focus being on where their clients can earn money they offer product listing ads for their eCommerce clients. In addition to this management plans plus a full conversion tracking and Google analytic for all Shopify platforms.

White Shark Media has extensive experience with Shopify platforms. This gives them the ability to refer existing eCommerce customers to the Shopify platform. Their first client whom signed with them in 2010 is actually a Shopify eCommerce website. This company still retains their services to this day. From set up they offer full management of AdWords to their clients. This gave them the ability to develop a successful AdWords campaign for eCommerce websites – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl25VsoZ6Kw.

Many testimonials can be found not only on their website but all over. Most boasting wonderful experiences with both accommodating and experienced teams. Of course, as in all businesses, not everything can run smoothly. A PodNutz article said that White Shark Media knows this and encourages their clients to let them know how to better serve them.

Additionally should there be problems they feel they can tackle these to better improve themselves. This is always a needed factor in any company. Surely it is easier to grow with their clients when they know what they need to change and/or add.

Acknowledging that it takes time to build a business from the ground up they look to making the complaints less and less. One of these complaints was a client losing touch with their AdWords campaign. Realizing that the Ôreporting procedures were not exactly up to par they changed a few things. For instance they now make sure that each and every client knows the ins and outs of their campaigns. They walk all clients through the procedures till they are fully confident that the client knows how to work this.

Another situation that was met head on is some clients not feeling that communication was good enough. To correct this they now hold monthly status calls with their clients using GoTomeeting. Another action put in place was direct extensions with their phone systems.

This allows the client to reach the needed person directly. No hassle of going through several different people till the needed person is reached. Keeping tabs on the needed changes are not just a necessity but a must. White Shark Media continues to serve their clients and implementing the necessary changes to ensure their services are tip top.