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Will WEN Make Your Hair Shine?

The popular Wen hair is a 5-in-1 hair cleansing formula designed by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. Known in Los Angeles as the go-to stylist for red carpet and “see and be seen” events, Dean developed hair products for other high-end companies before creating his own.

Working out of his Hollywood salon designed to be an exclusive oasis, Dean released WEN Hair as a revolutionary cleansing system. We’ve all seen the QVC infomercials and coveted the long, strong locks that seem to blind you with their shine. But does it really work? Bustle sent one of their writers to the showers to find out. Emily McClure shares her week-long experiment with a strict WEN rule book.

Emily has fine hair and regularly showers in the evening, which did pose a few obstacles. With daily showers, her hair would be bouncy and fresh right after a shower but greases over a night’s sleep. A fresh style met all the infomercial expectations. Bright and shiny enough for Emily’s girlfriends to notice as soon as they met for drinks. When used, WEN hair needs to be used from root to tip and covered thickly.

Even when covered thickly, Emily’s hair is not weighed down. Early morning showers and right before a night out is the best time to use WEN. Big nights out, according to Guthy Renker, a beauty blog, are precisely what Dean originally had in mind when he created Wen hair. Born in Vermont and raised with his grandmother’s fabric work and grandfather’s sculptural craftsmanship, Dean’s love for aesthetic took began very early in his life. His first love was photography, which led him to design and eventually hair care. Luckily for all of us, his pursuit of photography led Dean to Los Angeles and his natural talent for color, cut, and making the look of healthy hair what everyone coveted.