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The Academic and Business Side of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has long been established as a blueprint for worldwide knowledge and information on the internet. To be able to search for just about anything, and to have the freedom to edit anything on there is a true testament to how far things have evolved on the world wide web. But did you know that there are other purposes for Wikipedia? Well, one University in Sydney, Australia has found a better way for their students to write out essays and sit through exams. The whole task of writing mundane essays proves to be irrelevant to the digital apropos of how we manage our work in this day and age. Rebecca Johinke, the senior lecturer in Sydney’s English Department, masterminded this healthier alternative of academic writing by providing students a way to present their work to the general public through Wikipedia business page creation. And not only that, but students are also instructed to use Wikipedia for researching and writing about various topics of social and contemporary relevance which would improve their ability to site source material on sites like that. But the main goal for this amelioration is to help students better their writing by making it a public domain for others to offer their criticism and advice through creating an article and making Wikipedia edits.

Another valuable upside to the wonderment of Wikipedia is its business side: You can create a Wikipedia page for your own business or personal brand. The most widely known website that takes on the legwork of preparing the business page for you is Get Your Wiki. Hiring a Wiki writer who can handle everything from the editing to the monitoring aspects is made easy thanks to Get Your Wiki. This kind of publicity on Wikipedia pays off for countless reasons, but the most prominent one is exposure; your business gains all kinds of word of mouth from others searching for you. And let’s not overlook the fact that having a page for your business also creates an aurora of reputation and professionalism. And being able to manage your page in any way you see fit and make Wikipedia page revisions when needed is exactly why Wikipedia is a cut above the other self-promotion websites. Yes, there are many minute details that go into constructing the perfect page for your business, but once you’ve done the research and have gotten the help you needed from places like Get Your Wiki, the rest is smooth sailing.