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A Writer At Bustle.com Proved Wen By Chaz Was Perfect For Her Hair

There are a lot of women in the world who are fighting shedding hair. They are having problems that include their hair falling out in clumps, and it is even worse for some women who have their hair shedding all the time. It just gets worse in the shower, and it is important for these women to try WEN Hair because it is supposed to help these women keep their hair on their heads.
A writer who works for Bustle.com wanted to do a test this QVC advertised product, and she took readers into her bathroom for the article she wrote. This was the only way to show her readers that she actually used the shampoo in the review, and she was happy to show the hair washing experience from beginning to end. She started like any other woman would, but she took pictures as she went along. A lot of women have to be really delicate when they wash their hair because there is no way for them to know when they will have their hair fall out, but this Amazon.com available product was so soft on her hair that there was not a problem.

She washed her hair without an issue, and she was able to get through to the end of it without losing any of her hair. She took a picture of her shower that shows now hair in it, and she blew her hair dry to show that it even looked healthier when she started. People who read the article through can see that her hair looks better at the end of the article than it did at the beginning, and that is good proof for people who want to use a great shampoo. Her dedication helped show that wen.com products by Chaz is a Godsend for women who have thin or shedding hair. Like Wen Hair on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/

White Shark Media, Always Working on Improving

Holding offices in the United States, Central America and Denmark, White Shark Media specializes in AdWords and Bing Ads Management services. Helping businesses both small and large to get the word out in the world, ÔHey we are here! Their main focus being on where their clients can earn money they offer product listing ads for their eCommerce clients. In addition to this management plans plus a full conversion tracking and Google analytic for all Shopify platforms.

White Shark Media has extensive experience with Shopify platforms. This gives them the ability to refer existing eCommerce customers to the Shopify platform. Their first client whom signed with them in 2010 is actually a Shopify eCommerce website. This company still retains their services to this day. From set up they offer full management of AdWords to their clients. This gave them the ability to develop a successful AdWords campaign for eCommerce websites – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl25VsoZ6Kw.

Many testimonials can be found not only on their website but all over. Most boasting wonderful experiences with both accommodating and experienced teams. Of course, as in all businesses, not everything can run smoothly. A PodNutz article said that White Shark Media knows this and encourages their clients to let them know how to better serve them.

Additionally should there be problems they feel they can tackle these to better improve themselves. This is always a needed factor in any company. Surely it is easier to grow with their clients when they know what they need to change and/or add.

Acknowledging that it takes time to build a business from the ground up they look to making the complaints less and less. One of these complaints was a client losing touch with their AdWords campaign. Realizing that the Ôreporting procedures were not exactly up to par they changed a few things. For instance they now make sure that each and every client knows the ins and outs of their campaigns. They walk all clients through the procedures till they are fully confident that the client knows how to work this.

Another situation that was met head on is some clients not feeling that communication was good enough. To correct this they now hold monthly status calls with their clients using GoTomeeting. Another action put in place was direct extensions with their phone systems.

This allows the client to reach the needed person directly. No hassle of going through several different people till the needed person is reached. Keeping tabs on the needed changes are not just a necessity but a must. White Shark Media continues to serve their clients and implementing the necessary changes to ensure their services are tip top.

George Soros Predicts an Economic Crisis Similar to the One in 2008

On January 6, 2016, the Bloomberg reported about George Soros prediction about an upcoming crisis for the global markets. He made his assertions during an economic forum, which was held in Sri Lanka. He also warned investors to be extra careful with their investment ventures in a bid to avert making a loss.

Soros, the outspoken billionaire and philanthropist, made a name for himself in the past by making a prediction about the devaluation of the pound by the United Kingdom on https://www.facebook.com/breakingpolitical/posts/1562000144097945, which saw him make a billion dollars. Away from that, he is well known for his wisdom in investment matters since he began his career back in the 1950’s. Currently, his net worth according to Forbes is estimated as $27.3 billion.

George Soros likened the current global market to the 2008 global financial crisis, which believed to have started in July 2007. The US investors lost their confidence in the worth of sub-prime mortgages, and this triggered a liquidity crisis. Consequently, this caused an injection of high capital into the economic markets by the US Federal Bank. The stock markets across the globe crashed as the crisis became worse by September 2008.

China’s Economic Situation

Soros proclaimed in Colombo that China on http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/12/soros-european-union-in-mortal-danger.html had been experiencing tough times in its effort to acquire a new growth model. He blamed China’s currency devaluation for transmitting problems to other nations worldwide.

During the first week of 2016, the commodity markets, global currency, and stock were experiencing difficulties. In addition, the Yuan was raising eyebrows regarding the economic strength of China as it geared itself towards transitioning towards services and consumption from manufacturing and investment. George Soros was also reported saying that China’s adjustment problem would lead to a crisis such as that experienced in 2008.

An In-depth Focus on George Soros

George Soros is a top billionaire in the United States whose popularity extends in many spheres such as politics, finance and philanthropy. Natively from Budapest in Hungary, he managed to evade the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1947, which was during the World War II. His escape landed him into England and later became an alumnus of the London School of Economics. It is in the London School of Economics that he developed a change in opinion and embraced the open society philosophy from his lecturer Karl Popper. After moving to the United States, he developed the Soros Fund Management, which became a great source of his wealth.

His philanthropic endeavors started after funding students in South Africa to study at Cape Town University. He later founded the Open Society Foundation, which currently operates in over 100 nations worldwide. Soros is also credited for establishing the Central European University in a bid to encourage critical thinking upon the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Through the Open Society Foundation, he has helped to fund lawyers and paralegals to offer their representation services to individuals held in captive without legitimate representation or false accusations. In addition, he has managed to publish various materials in form of books, articles, and essays that revolve around the society, politics and economics.
The information can be obtained from https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros

Will WEN Make Your Hair Shine?

The popular Wen hair is a 5-in-1 hair cleansing formula designed by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. Known in Los Angeles as the go-to stylist for red carpet and “see and be seen” events, Dean developed hair products for other high-end companies before creating his own.

Working out of his Hollywood salon designed to be an exclusive oasis, Dean released WEN Hair as a revolutionary cleansing system. We’ve all seen the QVC infomercials and coveted the long, strong locks that seem to blind you with their shine. But does it really work? Bustle sent one of their writers to the showers to find out. Emily McClure shares her week-long experiment with a strict WEN rule book.

Emily has fine hair and regularly showers in the evening, which did pose a few obstacles. With daily showers, her hair would be bouncy and fresh right after a shower but greases over a night’s sleep. A fresh style met all the infomercial expectations. Bright and shiny enough for Emily’s girlfriends to notice as soon as they met for drinks. When used, WEN hair needs to be used from root to tip and covered thickly.

Even when covered thickly, Emily’s hair is not weighed down. Early morning showers and right before a night out is the best time to use WEN. Big nights out, according to Guthy Renker, a beauty blog, are precisely what Dean originally had in mind when he created Wen hair. Born in Vermont and raised with his grandmother’s fabric work and grandfather’s sculptural craftsmanship, Dean’s love for aesthetic took began very early in his life. His first love was photography, which led him to design and eventually hair care. Luckily for all of us, his pursuit of photography led Dean to Los Angeles and his natural talent for color, cut, and making the look of healthy hair what everyone coveted.



The Academic and Business Side of Wikipedia

Wikipedia has long been established as a blueprint for worldwide knowledge and information on the internet. To be able to search for just about anything, and to have the freedom to edit anything on there is a true testament to how far things have evolved on the world wide web. But did you know that there are other purposes for Wikipedia? Well, one University in Sydney, Australia has found a better way for their students to write out essays and sit through exams. The whole task of writing mundane essays proves to be irrelevant to the digital apropos of how we manage our work in this day and age. Rebecca Johinke, the senior lecturer in Sydney’s English Department, masterminded this healthier alternative of academic writing by providing students a way to present their work to the general public through Wikipedia business page creation. And not only that, but students are also instructed to use Wikipedia for researching and writing about various topics of social and contemporary relevance which would improve their ability to site source material on sites like that. But the main goal for this amelioration is to help students better their writing by making it a public domain for others to offer their criticism and advice through creating an article and making Wikipedia edits.

Another valuable upside to the wonderment of Wikipedia is its business side: You can create a Wikipedia page for your own business or personal brand. The most widely known website that takes on the legwork of preparing the business page for you is Get Your Wiki. Hiring a Wiki writer who can handle everything from the editing to the monitoring aspects is made easy thanks to Get Your Wiki. This kind of publicity on Wikipedia pays off for countless reasons, but the most prominent one is exposure; your business gains all kinds of word of mouth from others searching for you. And let’s not overlook the fact that having a page for your business also creates an aurora of reputation and professionalism. And being able to manage your page in any way you see fit and make Wikipedia page revisions when needed is exactly why Wikipedia is a cut above the other self-promotion websites. Yes, there are many minute details that go into constructing the perfect page for your business, but once you’ve done the research and have gotten the help you needed from places like Get Your Wiki, the rest is smooth sailing.