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Technology Changes the Way People Shop for Weddings

Almost 15 years ago, when people got married, they had to go to stores and spend a few hours filling up the registry list. They done this with the use of a registry gun and looked at different items that they would like to have. Even though the registry gun has made things a little more convenient at the time, there were limits to what they could do. For instance, they could not add items that were not available int he stores that they used the registry gun. Another limit was that the scanner was pretty slow. Ten years later, there have been a lot of changes to the way people shopped for weddings.

Among the changes that are being made in the wedding registry business is the implementation of image recognition technology from Slyce. Slyce is a company that makes shopping more convenient for consumers. Many people used to have to settle for the fact that they couldn’t have certain items even if they could afford it because they didn’t know where to find it. However, thanks to Slyce, people can get pictures of items that catch their eyes and be directed to where it is sold. This include store locations and online websites.

Slyce could also help people find similar items if the particular item is not available. This helps people find even better items if possible. Slyce has partnered with quite a few apparel companies like Urban Outfitters. For one thing, many people use this feature for finding clothes that they like so that they could buy it for themselves. Slyce is definitely making it easier for people to put together the type of wedding that they want so that they could enjoy it and remember it for years to come. It is expected to change wedding registry within 15 year