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Helane Morrison Pushes Open Doors in Corporate

As the managing director and chief compliance officer for Hall Capital, Helane Morrison has made quite a name for herself. She has become someone that is well respected in the industry. She has made a lot of moves up the corporate ladder, and I believe that she is one of the best examples of women that have been persistent and diligent in their quest to succeed.

Morrison was born in Brooklyn,NY and her career would span around to the west coast as she made her way to law school at Berkeley. Morrison has been working diligently and she has made her way to the top while she continued to learn and increase her experience. She worked as a lawyer, but prior to this she was a law clerk. As time progressed she would move into Supreme Court level litigation. Helane would continue to strive to resolve issues with inside traders and other corruption issues in corporate business. This would prove to be the thing that she was incredibly good at. In time she would prove herself to be someone that would be worthy of making partner at a law firm where there all of the previous partners were men.

Helane Morrison has been climbing the corporate ladder since 1984, and it is obvious that she has gained the experience that has been necessary for a position as the CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) at Hall Capital. I think that her strong desire to move corruption from the corporate structure of many institutions has made her one to watch in the corporate world. I have witnessed a lot of corporate scandal, and I am glad that there is finally someone in place that is keeping an eye on the internal operations for Hall Capital.

It really is important in this area because this is an investment firm that handles so many funds. There are a lot of wealthy clients that are linked this organization. That makes it vulnerable to corruption because there is so much money that is connected to daily operations within this organization. I believe that there is a lot of interest in what Helane Morrison is doing. She is a light on the hill for organizations that have been tainted in darkness and corruption. Kathryn Hall, founder of Hall Capital, knew that it would be essential to this business to have a sharp CCO on board to eliminate corruption.