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George Soros: the European Union is on the Verge of Collapsing

George Soros is a well-known billionaire. He is the owner of Soros Foundation, a hedge fund organization. Since he migrated to the United States, he has made a lot of wealth in the hedge fund industry, and this has made him acquire a lot of respect. He is also the founder of Open Society. The institution was started in 1979, and he did that after he felt that he had acquired enough money.

George Soros has always had the ambition to open societies to replace authoritarian types of government. His wealth has enabled him to pursue his success. He believes that everything that appears imperfect can be easily improved using the right channels. The foundation started its activities by supporting education for black students in South Africa during the apartheid time. He has also provided prisoners with attorneys to represent them in the courts of law. He is so successful and independent, and this has given him a higher degree over controversial issues than everyone in the world. This enables him to take a stand on those issues, and he chose to do that because other people cannot.

Not long ago, Angela Merkel said on Bloomberg that the European Union was on the verge of collapsing, and people wondered whether this as going to happen. The times newspaper gave her the name of the chancellor for the free world, and George Soros seems to agree with this. He agrees that the newspaper was very correct.

This has left people wondering why the billionaire has agreed with Angela Merkel. For many years, George has been critical about Angela especially because of her ideas and policies. Her stand about the migration crisis has earned her the respect of the world billionaire. In the past, Merkel was loved by the people because she would read what they wanted and follow it. This time, she has chosen a different path: she is doing what she thinks is right for the people in the long run. She was even courageous enough to ask the Germans to welcome the new immigrants who were fleeing their country. The citizens are worried and surprised by her decisions.

Although Angela has shocked the world with her current opinion, Soros believes that she will be the solution to the European Union. The future of the union is entirely in her hands and the Germans. He also loves her change of behavior, stating that this is good for the country. He agrees that the migration crisis is a great one, and the union must face it with a lot of wisdom to survive it. Earlier, he had warned about the financial crisis, and true to his word, it happened in 2008.