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Raising Money for a Winter Fundraiser That Benefits Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow has recently set up a winter fundraiser in order to help homeless animals in New York City. And as temperatures continue to drop below freezing levels this winter, more and more homeless animals will suffer. Unfortunately, there are many that will die. It is important for shelters that have been designed for homeless animals to get the funding that is needed in order to take care of these animals and get them off the cold streets.

There are two major problems that animal shelters are facing in New York City and in many other places. First, they simply do not have the space that is necessary in order to take care of all of the animals that need help. Second, they do not have the money that is needed to purchase things like food, blankets, and medicine. Ross Abelow hopes that he will be able to raise at least $5,000 in order to help homeless animal shelters. He has set up a Go Fund Me account where individuals from all over the world can donate money. One of the great things about using this kind of fund-raising platform is that individuals can donate as little as 10 or $15. When all of the donations are added together, much good can be done. The $5,000 that is raised for this cause will be used to expand shelter space for homeless animals and to purchase food and medicine for them.

Besides the fact that most animals will be able to get off the streets of New York City during these cold winter months, when an individual donates to this fund and other types of funds that help homeless animals, they can be sure that they are doing good that will not only benefit the animals now, but that will last a long time. When homeless animals are in shelters, they are much more likely to be adopted. This helps to take care of the problem over a longer period of time.

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