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What Has Sergio Cortes Done For Xerém?

Sergio Cortes, the secretary of health, has set up health centers for the people of Xerém following the flooding that occurred in the area. He has worked to make sure that these health centers provide the residents with everything that they need in the way of resources. People who are feeling ill or have been injured in the flooding can visit the health centers. Additionally, people who just need water or a way to get clean water can visit the health center. Medical examinations are able to be performed at the center. The staff also works to pass out water bottles and hypochlorite for people who need clean water.

The secretary of health is responsible for handling the medical portion of disasters that occur in the cities. Sergio Cortes reported by niteroi has been working nonstop to ensure that the people of Xerém are protected after the flooding. He has made sure that they have access to medical care and access to clean drinking water so that they do not get sick from the flooding. The secretary of health also works with medical professionals in the area to ensure that they know how to handle the flooding situation and to educate residents on what they need to do after the flood.

The biggest step to recovering from the flooding is to prevent people from getting sick as a result. Prevention is one of the biggest things that Sergio Cortes has exerted efforts into at the location of flooding in Xerém. He has made sure that everyone knows what to do after the flood. This article, that was published by atanews, talks about the different ways that Sergio Cortes has educated people on what they need to do to prevent themselves from getting sick as a result of contaminated water. He believes that prevention will help the town recover from the floods.

One of the biggest things that people can do is avoid water, but what happens when water is avoided but people still get sick? This can happen with diseases like dengue. This disease comes from the water, but can be transmitted by insects. Mosquitos carry the disease from person to person and from water to person. A single bite from a mosquito can result in the person becoming deathly ill. For this reason, it is important to use methods to repel insects after the flooding has occurred to help further prevent disease.