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Business, Technology and Shaygan Kheradpir’s Contribution

Business trends have changed in the last one decade especially due to the advancement in technology. The evolution of the internet as well as discovery of technological devices has changed so many ways in which people conducted their activities including business. Business people have been forced to adjust so as to catch-up with the current trend.

Shaygan Kheradpir is among the most well-known top business executives in the line of technology. He has worked in so many companies where he has been involved in improving the technological infrastructure of the firms so as to improve their efficiency in offering services to the customers. He is currently working with Coriant as the chief executive officer after succeeding Pat DiPietro in 2015.

He was born in London in 1960 and was raised in Iran where his father was a medical practitioner. He studied in the United States’ Cornell University where earned a bachelor’s in electrical engineering. He proceeded to earn his master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the same institution.

His first job was at GTE Lab where his roles involved control and management of network routing. He rose through the ranks to become the chief information officer where he introduced new products into the business. The merging of GTE and Bell Atlantic to become Verizon Communications saw him become the president of the newly formed company e-business. Through his expertise and experience, he was able to come up with new methods of communications as well as new products which saw the company cut down the cost of operation.

He later moved to Barclays as the chief operating officer in January 2011. His hard work saw him get promoted to the position of the chief operations and technology. He later moved to Jupiter Network as the chief executive officer where he was instrumental in developing a cost reduction plan. Kheradpir later on moved to Coriant where he is the chief executive officer currently.

It is through his innovativeness which is important in the technology field that has seen him rise to the top of his career. He is engaged in other activities such as donations to various community activities such as healthcare and education. He also sits in various boards where he gives his opinions especially on technological matters.