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The Charitable Donations of Bruce and Karen Levenson

Universty of Maryland’s philanthropy center which was started three years ago by Karen and Bruce Levenson has quickly become one of the most well known centers for philanthropy in the nation. This is due to the continuing support of donors and government programs that continuously push the center forward. The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership gives individuals the skills that they need in order to become professionals in the field of philanthropy and non-profits. The center is also doubling as a dorm from 60 freshman who can also enroll in courses based in philanthropy and non-profits. Bruce Levenson has stated that his center has 2 purposes. The purposes of this center is to not only teach students to become the next generation of leaders in the world of non-profits, but it is also meant to inspire students to become future philanthropists as well. This center is growing quickly and looks to have a bright future ahead. To read more about this center, you can read the full release at PR Newswire.