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Nobilis Health Is Creating A North American Empire

Nobilis Health is one of the largest healthcare networks in America, and their base of operations in Texas is only the beginning of their work in the healthcare industry. Nobilis has begun to expand to other parts of Texas with acquisitions, and their plan is to create a network of healthcare providers that helps patients get the care they need. This article from Google explains how Nobilis Health plans to change the way healthcare is funded and managed.
#1: Nobilis Health Plans To Collect The Best Clinics

Nobilis has a plan of action that calls for the company to acquire as many healthcare providers as possible. Their plan includes many specialty clinics that would be too expensive for patients under current management. Nobilis is capable of negotiating better prices with insurance companies, and the massive resources of the Nobilis brand help lower costs for services overall.
#2: Nobilis Wants To Expand Outside Texas

Nobilis is a large corporation that does not plan to remain regional. A traditional healthcare network is regional in its scope, and Nobilis wants to outgrow the state of Texas to offer better care to its patients. Continually acquiring facilities in other states will help solidify the company’s position, and anyone who comes to a Nobilis facility will have a name caring for them that is recognizable.
#3: Nobilis Will Offer More Jobs

Nobilis hopes to expand its operations to offer more jobs to more people. Every facility owned by Nobilis offers hundreds of jobs in the community, and there are many communities that would benefit greatly from a Nobilis facility. Nobilis could become the largest employer in several different areas, and the people who have a steady job will receive healthcare options by stockhouse provided by Nobilis.
#4: Nobilis Care About Specialists

Nobilis recently purchased the North American Spine Center, and the Center offers a special spinal therapy that relieves back pain. This is a specialty procedure that is often too expensive for patients. Nobilis will help the Center offer lower prices to consumers, and the specialty procedures may be covered under insurance policies that once would not pay for such a procedure. Nobilis Health is helping people find better healthcare, get better jobs and reduce their healthcare costs. Nobilis is expanding at a rate unseen in the industry, and it is possible that Nobilis could be represented across the nation in a few years after several more acquisitions.