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New York Real Estate Industry Closed 2015 on High

Wealthy individuals are investing largely in New York real estate industry, and this has led to robust sale in properties over the past one year. These wealthy individuals are targeting luxury and super-luxury properties in the market, according to Pamela Leibman, an executive of Corcoran Group, which handles sales for 220 Central Park South. Another executive of CityRealty, shares the same views like Pamela that the demand for these luxury buildings is on the rise. His views is that in 2016, the demand will be high in 56 Leonard and 432 Park, while in the coming years it would be 520 Park and 220 Central Park South.

According to a report on New York Times, the top 20 sales of 2015 all recorded over $30 million, while top ten sales all were above $45 million. These sales included a number of luxury condos, two townhouses, and three co-ops. One57 recorded the biggest deal of the year at $100.47 million, paid for the 89th and 90th floors that would be used as reception and grand salon at the brash blue tower. Extell sealed this deal, and was initially offered at $98.5 million, then increased the price to $115 million. The identity of new owner is not known by many people because most of these wealthy individuals buying these ultraluxury buildings hid under the name of a limited liability company.

As that deal was sealed, another sale was underway, being priced at $91.5 million, the second highest for year. This sale was made by William A. Ackman, a hedge fund guru who purchased six-bedroom apartment called Winter Garden. Two Chinese brothers paid $47.37 million to buy the entire 86th floor of the same building. The executive of Douglas Elliman Real Estate noted that many buyers in this building are foreigners especially from China.

One of the top performing real estate companies in New York is TOWN Residential, which began operation in 2010. The founder and CEO of TOWN is Andrew Heiberger. It is recognized across New York for dealing in luxury real estate properties. TOWN has highly qualified and experienced team of professionals who execute all the firm’s transactions and services that are favorable to customers.

TOWN provides a wide range of services including sale and leasing properties, marketing luxury properties, and developing new properties. High standards of professionalism are observed at TOWN, and this has ensured top quality services are offered to those engaging the company.

Nobilis Health Is Creating A North American Empire

Nobilis Health is one of the largest healthcare networks in America, and their base of operations in Texas is only the beginning of their work in the healthcare industry. Nobilis has begun to expand to other parts of Texas with acquisitions, and their plan is to create a network of healthcare providers that helps patients get the care they need. This article from Google explains how Nobilis Health plans to change the way healthcare is funded and managed.
#1: Nobilis Health Plans To Collect The Best Clinics

Nobilis has a plan of action that calls for the company to acquire as many healthcare providers as possible. Their plan includes many specialty clinics that would be too expensive for patients under current management. Nobilis is capable of negotiating better prices with insurance companies, and the massive resources of the Nobilis brand help lower costs for services overall.
#2: Nobilis Wants To Expand Outside Texas

Nobilis is a large corporation that does not plan to remain regional. A traditional healthcare network is regional in its scope, and Nobilis wants to outgrow the state of Texas to offer better care to its patients. Continually acquiring facilities in other states will help solidify the company’s position, and anyone who comes to a Nobilis facility will have a name caring for them that is recognizable.
#3: Nobilis Will Offer More Jobs

Nobilis hopes to expand its operations to offer more jobs to more people. Every facility owned by Nobilis offers hundreds of jobs in the community, and there are many communities that would benefit greatly from a Nobilis facility. Nobilis could become the largest employer in several different areas, and the people who have a steady job will receive healthcare options by stockhouse provided by Nobilis.
#4: Nobilis Care About Specialists

Nobilis recently purchased the North American Spine Center, and the Center offers a special spinal therapy that relieves back pain. This is a specialty procedure that is often too expensive for patients. Nobilis will help the Center offer lower prices to consumers, and the specialty procedures may be covered under insurance policies that once would not pay for such a procedure. Nobilis Health is helping people find better healthcare, get better jobs and reduce their healthcare costs. Nobilis is expanding at a rate unseen in the industry, and it is possible that Nobilis could be represented across the nation in a few years after several more acquisitions.

The Popularity of New York City Real Estate

It is a common known fact that New York City real estate is becoming was of the most inhabited cities in the world. This city is not only the center of organizations such as the United Nations, but it is also one of the centers of diversity and business. With more and more job opportunities being offered in New York City, it is no surprise of the increasing demand for real estate that the city is experience.

As reported in the Real Deal Blog, real estate in New York City is growing. However, with Manhattan becoming fuller and fuller of people, new comers turn to Brooklyn in search of the perfect luxury apartment. The latest real estate reports have stated that half of Brooklyn’s inventory development has already been leased. This means that only 550 apartments are available for leasing in Brooklyn.

To show how full Manhattan really is, between November 9th and November 15th, there were seventy signed contracts that leased apartments that were worth 4 million dollars and above. In addition to this, commercial real estate and multifamily real estate is at its highest. Brooklyn’s development inventory was recently sold at a multifamily dollar volume of 1.7 billion dollars in September. This large increase is a 97 percent jump from August’s real estate report. If one is looking for real estate in New York City, one of the most popular places to currently find an apartment is on Lower Fifth Avenue.

For those looking for a credible and unique real estate firm, look no further than Town Residential. This real estate firm was founded in 2010 and has become one of the most popular firms in the entire city. What makes this firm so popular is the fact that the goal is to provide the most unique and individual experience to the client.

Town Residential creates a personalized experience that has pleased every single client that has looked at apartments with the help of Town Residential. The professionals that work for this firm not only emphasize excellence and integrity, but also leadership.

As reported by the Real Deal Blog real estate in New York City is currently increasing in demand. Town Residential is at the top of the list for those looking for real estate because the company always delivers. At Town Residential, the company will also deliver the best luxury apartment that fits all the criteria set by the client.